ChemAfrique Ghana LTD    Going great heights in Civil Engineering

Guaranteed solutions to the above through dedicated field and field work using a combination of epoxy resins,
epoxy mortars,flexible strips,expansion jointing materials,waterproofing compounds, cement additives,plasticisers,retarders,quick setting compounds,bituminous products,torch on membranes,sealants of varoius types,special combination formulas to resist acid and alkalis.


Stockist For:

Advani Oerlikon Welding Electrodes

Wamalloy Tubular Hardfacing and buildup welding Electrodes.

Wamalloy PL 700 and PL 800 Chrom Carbide Wear Plates, and strips.
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Some of our civil repair work :


Tank Base Expansion Joint Acid Resistant Tank Coating


Expansion joints flexible in a water Expantion joint repair/concrete roof repair storage tank

Acid resistant flooring repair done Sulphamic Acid resistant floor

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